For several years, this introduction has started with a reflection on the economic challenges the sector is facing. As this is still very much the case, it starts to feel that this is ‘the new normal’ and we continue to change and adapt.

Given the extensive research done by national organisations, it comes as no surprise that we are seeing an increase in the numbers of visually impaired people registered as ‘Sight Impaired’ or ‘Severely Sight Impaired’. With less money available from both charitable fundraising and from statutory contracts, our challenge at Sight Support Derbyshire is to meet the needs of the growing number of visually impaired people in Derbyshire. We continue to look for improved resources and better and smarter ways of working.

This report gives a flavour of our work over the year. We hope you enjoy reading about the achievements.


image of Claire Winfield, Chief Executive

Claire Winfield, Chief Executive

Martin Wilson, Chairman

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