Join Our Tandem Team for Huub Track Attaque 2020

Jan 8, 2020

A tandem cycle leads the field on the track at Derby Velodrome

Starts 12pm Saturday 8th February 2020
Finishes 12pm Sunday 9th February 2020

Derby Arena
Royal Way
Derby DE24 8JB

Join us at Derby Arena Velodrome for the ride of your life!

Huub Track Attaque, formerly known as Cyclone24, is a 24-hour team track cycling challenge. At Sight Support Derbyshire, our tandem team has been unbeaten for the past two years – because we’ve entered the only tandem team in the UK!

It only costs £10 to sign up – the usual rate is £900 for a team of six – and each entrant is asked to raise at least £200 in sponsorship for Sight Support Derbyshire.

You will join the challenge for eight hours, riding as a ‘stoker’ on the back of the tandem with a trained pilot leading the way. We welcome visually impaired and sighted participants.

You will cycle for 20 minutes at a time, giving two hours’ total time on the track during your eight hour shift. If you’re an experienced cyclist this may not seem much, but riding on a tandem is a different game entirely so it will be a challenge!

Track experience is not essential, but you will need to be physically fit. Derby Arena run regular para cycling sessions on tandems on Saturdays, so we can put you in touch if you would like a practice session.

Sign up today to join a unique team in this fast and exciting event!

Photograph by Andrew Slater Photography. Andrew is a visually impaired photographer and a past stoker in Cyclone24 2018.