Living Well – Health and Wellbeing at Home

In the middle of the picture is a lady laughing. She is wearing a pink striped top, grey zip up fleece and glasses. She is talking to an older gentleman on the left of the picture who is looking at her. You can only see the side of his face but can tell that he is also laughing

The Living Well project may be able to help you if you:

  • have a visual impairment
  • are living with additional long term health conditions
  • live alone or spend large parts of the day alone
  • have little family/carer support nearby

We will work with you over a period of time, normally around 6 weeks, to help you to maximise your independence and improve your health and wellbeing. To do this we will:

  • talk to you about your needs and aspirations
  • look at how you can live safely with sight loss at home
  • work with you to maintain good physical health e.g. discussing healthy eating, movement and exercise
  • help you to improve your wellbeing, for example finding ways for you to meet other people
  • provide you with help and advice about where to go for help both now and in the future

Because everyone is different, the nature of the support we offer you will vary. For example, we have helped people to access local services such as lunch clubs, chair-based exercise classes, befriending services etc. We have even helped someone who had previously enjoyed cycling before their sight loss to find out where they could find a sighted pilot to go tandem riding with to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

‘Living well’ means something different to all of us, so if you are finding life difficult at home and have sight loss together with another long term health condition, please do get in touch and talk to us about how we may be able to support you. Whether you are struggling with practical tasks or feeling isolated, get in touch and we will do our best to help. Phone 01332 292262 and ask for Helen or click on the ‘Contact Us’ button below and send us a message.

“I have found this service helpful as it has identified a local lunch club which I intend to visit during the Winter months. This will help to reduce my isolation at this time of year and I may even continue going once Spring arrives.”

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